Super Moon

October 16th, 2016

Tonight is a Super Moon. And though I’m one to find the reading of stars a bit obscure, from what I understand, this event validates my suspicion of an extra special October.

Beneath this super moon, I sit on my tiny lani (patio), the air just brisk enough to make my cup of tea comforting- I’m reflecting on the goodness of God. Especially after a morning of brutal nightmares that woke me after a measly five hours of sleep.

I’ll forsake the details of such an awful night, but it pays to mention the irony of learning Proust’s recounts of insomnia and yet another gift of suffering. Though his insomnia, he mentions the deep appreciation he came to find in a decent night’s sleep. Today, I’m eternally grateful that I no longer endure nights like this on a regular basis, as I once did before coming to into the Lord’s awesome power.

In today’s message on Philippians 2, the theme of suffering in cheerfulness was a prominent idea. The apostle Paul, who like Proust was no stranger to affliction, encourages the people of Philippi with the reminder that God gives us the strength to endure whatever we might experience, and even brings joy to our hearts as we trust in Him under any and every circumstance.

Though this season of life has proved to be a time of testing many of my beliefs and trust in God, there is certainly no lack of harvesting within my character. As I conversed with co-workers today on our personal faith battles, the theme that arose was the kindness of a God who protects us from darkness no matter the darkness for which we subject ourselves to.

Lacking the words to elaborate any further, it’s suffice to say that today stood as a reminder of a Love that pursued my heart with extraordinary ferocity despite the messiness of my life. As He called me to Himself with the reverberating words, “My grace is sufficient for you” in the midst of my darkest days, I conclude this day knowing that what makes this day even more special than a super moon, is the super love of the God to Whom I belong.

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