Magical Seasons

October 14th, 2016

Do you ever experience moments of vivid nostalgia for places you’ve been?

This morning, while scrolling though Instagram, I noticed a photo that brought back a favorite memory from NYC; black high heels perfectly placed on the white bedspread of a hotel room in downtown Chelsea-the backdrop, a brick skyline and perfectly gray sky.

I’ve always held a fairly unhealthy obsession with the city’s autumn. A craving I would spend 2 1/2 hours travel, each way, to satisfy. Each Fall, I would make the trek nearly every weekend to simply walk around Central Park to watch the leaves turn, gorge on pizza from my favorite Italian joint on 56th, indulge in roof-top schmoozing with designers, or Salsa clubbing with my Russian crew. Ah…the city.

Aside from my obsession however, the Fall always brings hope of watching the season change- that special sense of magic in the air.

Even when I face days like today, filled with the grit of my humanity, I’m reminded by this autumn that life happens in seasons. Mistakes, bad habits, sadness, hopeless political environments, getting older (let’s face it), and situations that could have been handled with just a bit more tact – there remains the knowing that this too shall pass.

As I entered my cab after work this evening, I had a lovely conversation with a man from Korean. He’s lived in the US for 35 years, but had the thickest accent and keenest wisdom. In our casual conversation of life in Hawaii verses life on the Mainland, we talked about the opportunity “challenge” can bring. After sharing my struggle of managing that one employee providing such special opportunity, he responded, “life is all about finding solution- there is always a solution.” As simple as that, I suppose.

While the mainland feels more like a distant memory, I’m grateful to count the many blessings this Island has provided. I’ve never felt so loved and embraced by a faith community or have had the kind of life giving relationships I have now. The little apartment I’ve lived for over two years is really just all I need; it’s decorated and smells just the way I like. The people I dance with, my instructor, and the potential dance partner I have for this short season are so genuine and talented. And, after reading a sweet love note from my husband, I’m feeling particularly optimistic about our future.

When I ponder the idea of a solution to any and every problem, I’m fairly convinced that it’s simply perspective that determines the objective nature of “solution.” Perhaps solution comes when we simply choose to be creative in our pursuits.

Perhaps life is less about fixing or resolving what is broken, but rather, reaching beyond what we currently know or perceive to be true. Not an original though, I’m sure. But profound enough for the day’s lesson.

While reflecting on the goodness of seasons gone, I’m encouraged to know that there is much to be discovered, and new joys and challenges that bring the opportunity to be creative…. Ponder. Ponder. Ponder.

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