Simplify. Listen. Dance

October-1st, 2016

“Listen. Simplify. Dance,”

The moto for this season is to listen to my heart, simply my life, and pursue my purest love- dance.

There are a few things that this past season has ingrained in me. First, is a distinct appreciation for my body. Second, a time of enabling other’s bull shit is over. And finally, freedom to explore creativity without obligation of mastery.

When I read War of Art this summer, I remember feeling shamed for not being a “true artist” because I apparently lacked a creative passion I would pursue regardless of acceptance. Then, I was also in a place of forcing my creative passion to profit my bank account instead of my spirit. For a moment, I forgot that no matter how small or poor I’ve been, I’ve never stopped dancing. I’ve never stopped writing.

And for that very reason, I’ve decided to commit this year to simply exploring my creative passions; namely, dance. 

For planning and profit, B (my husband) and I are on par to pay off all school loans in a year or so. If we are REALLY diligent, we may just reach the finish line in 13 months. 

We plan to take a couple trips and then, on to saving for a property. If all goes according to plan, of course. But the truth is- we don’t know what will happen in the next year. I want to possibly compete in Ballroom, get really amazing at hospitality management, and then who knows?! Perhaps we will buy some land in Costa Rica and start building our home there. Maybe our travel website here will take off and we’ll find some amazing partnerships. Maybe, maybe. The possibilities are endless…’s the beginning of magical October! I’m expecting great things.

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